About Us

The weekly show where we discuss a range of topics from the biopsychosocial perspective Each week we have a different guest, an expert in their field of practice

Dr Ferghal Armstrong FRACGP / CEO Meducate
Tony Laughton CTO Meducate & MedHeads

Our Story

MedHeads: the show that brings a biopsychosocial focus to issues of the day.

MedHeads was founded by Dr Ferghal Armstrong and Tony Laughton. A practising General Practitioner, Dr Ferghal has always had a passion for helping patients with alcohol and drug addiction. Because of this, he found himself addressing patients’ social and psychological problems on a regular basis. 

After years of practice, he came to realise that his ability to listen and refer patients to other practitioners was much more powerful than his prescription pad. He strongly believes that addressing psychological and social issues head-on is the foundation for long-term health.

MedHeads was born as a way to bring today’s issues to light with sound, professional advice from experts in the field. Each week, the MedHeads episodes unpack and analyze complex problems that are currently plaguing our society. 

The best experts chime in with their opinions & facts you can trust to help us come to meaningful conclusions that can benefit all of us in our daily lives.

Meet The Team

Dr Ferghal Armstrong

Dr Armstrong is the co-founder of MedHeads. He is a GP specializing in medical education & training and addiction treatment through patient assessment and pharmacotherapy. He holds certifications/diplomas in dermoscopy, skin cancer therapeutics, substance misuse, advanced life support, occupational medicine, obstetrics & gynaecology, and paediatrics.

Tony Laughton

Tony brings over 30 years of digital media experience to MedHeads. As the co-founder and chief technology officer at Meducate, he manages technology and media production to ensure excellence in promoting growth, professionalism, and knowledge in the healthcare sector. 
He works closely with medical training experts to determine appropriate strategies for improving our medical course delivery system for our healthcare clientele.

Maree Eisma

Maree is a Clinical Mental Health Social Worker at Blackfish Medical Centre. She brings a rich background of working as a counsellor and social worker in a variety of roles. She is a certified life coach with certifications in family therapy, alcohol and drug addiction, and counselling. 
Her expertise and experience make her a valuable member of the MedHeads team as she provides a wealth of knowledge from a psychological point of view.

Pene Wood

Pene Wood is a pharmacist who has been practicing for nearly 20 years in community pharmacy and, more recently, in Aboriginal health and community health. 
She is accredited to undertake Home Medication Reviews and has been doing so for over 10 years. She has also worked as a pharmacy lecturer for 10 years. 
She has special interests in opioid dependence and pain management and recovery and is part of the Pain Revolution– a group that educates communities and health professionals to help them understand the science behind pain and hence improve the management and recovery from persistent pain.